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Our Story

For over 10 years we have been helping businesses build innovative brands.

Since 2005, Toronto Web Agency has developed itself as a boutique agency that is big enough and has enough resources to tackle even large-scale projects but remains small enough to retain a personal touch and close client relationships.

The core of the Toronto Web Agency business is designing and building all websites - big and small. We also offer Search Engine Optimisation Services, Email Marketing Service and Social Media Marketing Services. So, whether you need a large e-commerce website, a small mini-site build, a Facebook Business Page Tab or a more powerful EDM template or anything in between - we can help.

Our Approach

Toronto Web Agency delivers goal-oriented and conversion-driven websites that are firmly rooted in business objectives. This distinguishes us from many agencies that focus only on the visual appearance of a website and not on the business return it is giving to the owner. From the placement of form fields to the use or non-use of Flash – everything we design ties back to the business goals in some way.

We also can offer other services requiring the same skill sets – generally in the context of a website build or an online marketing campaign. These include creating and managing email direct marketing campaigns, landing page design and optimisation, analytics tracking integration and analysis, custom development projects, social media projects and general online strategy.

We also have a substantial component of the business devoted to Search Engine Optimisation. Our team has a proven track record of boosting site traffic with both on-site and off-site optimisation techniques.

Our Process


We spend time. We research your business, the market you operate in, your plans and your vision for the future. This way we can ensure that our project will deliver the results and the ROI your expect.


Our whole team comes together to develop solutions and ideas focused on your business, your goals and your strategic requirements. And of course, it must look sensational.


We develop the right products and processes to support your ideal solution.


We fine tune the plan to guarantee delivery of a winning result. We create milestones to monitor progress and keep things on track. Our specs are detailed, and are essential to the process.


This is where we do the legwork, creating a solid system that meets all the specified criteria.


We obsessive about the usability testing and working to successfully integrate the project with your existing systems. We will not launch until everyone is satisfied that every detail is working correctly.


Quality is very important to us. Which makes us all the more proud that over the last few years we have developed concepts that are amongst the top award-winning digital projects in the world. But for us, awards are not a means to an end. In order to achieve a broad reach or high visibility, sometimes a particularly creative or innovative solution is required. This is why we’re proud to have received these awards without ever having lost sight of our goals.

  • Toronto Web Agency  won Toronto Site of the Year Award 2014
  • Toronto Web Agency  wins Interactive Media Award 2015
  • Toronto Web Agency  wins One Page Love One Page Website Award
  • Toronto Web Agency  wins Favourite Website Award
  • Toronto Web Agency  nominated for Awwward Awwward
  • Toronto Web Agency  wins CSS Design Award

Meet our leadership team

Toronto Web Agency  Managing Director Chris Berry Managing Director Chris Berry Biography

Chris Berry

Managing Director

Toronto Web Agency  Strategic Director Boon Lim Strategic Director Boon Lim Biography

Boon Lim

Strategic Director

Toronto Web Agency  Account Manager Joe Black Account Manager Joe Black Biography

Joe Black

Account Manager

Toronto Web Agency  Account/Project Manager Cristen Boorman Account/Project Manager Cristen Boorman Biography

Cristen Boorman

Account/Project Manager

Toronto Web Agency  Account Manager Ervan Hady Account Manager Ervan Hady Biography

Ervan Hady

Account Manager

Toronto Web Agency  Design Team Lead Subin Park Design Team Lead Subin Park Biography

Subin Park

Design Team Lead

Toronto Web Agency  Senior Web Developer Stuart Shepherd Senior Web Developer Stuart Shepherd Biography

Stuart Shepherd

Senior Web Developer

Toronto Web Agency  Web Developer Anh Hao Tran Web Developer Anh Hao Tran Biography

Anh Hao Tran

Web Developer

Toronto Web Agency  Video Producer Samuel Nam Video Producer Samuel Nam Biography

Samuel Nam

Video Producer

Toronto Web Agency  Web Developer Yang Yu Web Developer Yang Yu Biography

Yang Yu

Web Developer

Toronto Web Agency  Web Developer Adam Evans Web Developer Adam Evans Biography

Adam Evans

Web Developer